Data Universe


Pricing has a few factors: Duration*GB, Market (Duration or Requests), and Storage. All pricing comes with the assumption of running in a secured ecosystem and manner, meeting regulatory compliance needs.

* Additional charges may apply, and pricing is subject to change. See terms for full details.


The total CPU time it takes for your work to run (all threads, rounded to 100ms) and multiplied by the amount in GB of memory used.

Duration*GB is $0.00002, and can be negotiated for volume, need, or purpose.


Any additional market costs that may be added by the owners of the polyforms you are using. This is a Shared Intelligence AI cloud, so you can use other people's Polyforms—if they allow access.

Market costs are either Per-Request or Per-Duration.


Storage is $0.15 per GB-month of data stored (1 GB stored for 30 days is 1 GB-month), plus $0.22 for every 1 million I/O operations.