Data Universe™

Data About Us

In the Data Universe, data is attributed back to the person it's about, regardless of the source. Then each of us can grant access on how it may be used, and the Data Universe respects that choice.

This security to the individual resolves all of the concerns around data privacy handling, and allows you to meet regulatory needs (CCPA, GDPR), removing that burden from your organization, while also allowing you to participate in a much larger shared data ecosystem.

With this, powerful AI can be written in the Data Universe that can discover things usually not possible.

We are not a data broker — we secure data to the individual, and allow it to be used as they choose

We began by asking:

Shouldn't we have the freedom to choose how our data is used?

And when we changed our mindset to think of it as everybody's data, it led us to a powerful solution.


The Data Universe creates a Data System that makes many new solutions feasible. We provide products such as Polyforms for AI as a Service, and Data Plasma that creates the S-Duality architectures you often need to simplify your compliance problems, or help with larger paradoxical data problems.

The AI Cloud


AI+DataOps as a Service

Our platform uses a data expectation model around your AI functions, where the shape of the data you need is defined as part of the execution, allowing for maximized access to artificial intelligence solutions that plug into the flow of your business.

This becomes a service where anybody can deploy their own Data Science logic as part of a larger shared ecosystem, and you can allow access to your services in a marketplace, allowing your work to build revenue in a growth manner.

Consider this as Docker for AI and Data.

Data Plasma

data movement and schema

Data Plasma is an ephemeral data base created to meet the universe of your Polyform's data needs. It handles data in flight, virtualization, and security to the individual, while also empowering powerful AI applications.

Data Science usually struggles with getting the right data together, at the right time, in the right shape—so much so that security is usually the last thought. Data Plasma, along with Data Core, leverage Attribute Based Access Controls (ABAC) right at the point of polyform execution to assure that the data cannot be improperly accessed.

Data Core

data storage and catalog

Data Core is responsible for the overall catalog of all the data that comes into its system, across all applications as one multiverse of shared data.

All data submitted to the Data Universe is sorted by AI and assigned to the original person it relates to, into the Data Core, where it becomes dark data, accessible only via a Polyform through Data Plasma.

This commonly shared system is all the difference because it now becomes easier for anybody to do Need Discovery, rather than trying to figure out who to advertise to.

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