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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Trusted Applications are allowed to submit your data into the Data Universe.
  2. Our AI then analyzes the data and decides who's data it is, assigning out each bit to the person, and encrypting it uniquely to that person.
  3. Afterwards, you can choose how it is used, and other applications can use it as well.
  4. It's one large universe.

The cost is as a utility, to the applications. Do you pay for the servers that are used to host your favorite ecommerce site? Not directly, but you do through your use of that site. For the consumer, the same is true for the Data Universe.

For businesses and applications using the Data Universe, pricing is simply based on usage.

We have people on staff who have a track record building highly secure systems, including that required by top level military specifications, financial institutions, regulatory compliance, and more. We have applied several measures to help protect you:

  • Encrypting your data, uniquely to you so it cannot be used without your permission.
  • Layering Quantum Proof encryption, in addition to current standards, to protect you for the future.
  • Providing a mapping service so you can easily disconnect your data from a provider, if you no longer wish to do business with them (i.e. the Right to be Forgotten).

Furthermore, your data is dispersed geographically for safety, and we are researching the next generation of storage where all data is not centralized in datacenters, but rather distributed all around you.

We approach security with an understanding that it's never possible to be 100% secure, but by using a defense-in-depth strategy we do the absolute best possible.

This only works for applications which support the Data Universe. You can switch to use Applications which do, or contact your favorite application and ask them to use the Data Universe. The benefits are they get access to a large pool of Shared Intelligence at the same time!