Helping our Customer's Success

Design Thinking

Data Science and any form of analytics are only useful when you understand what your need actually is, and how that aligns to your purpose! Our goal is to help you find a solution that meets your core needs.

We use the principles of Design Thinking in this Solution Discovery process.

Decision Science

Decisioning Science is about helping not only answer the questions you may have but also helping you to make sure they are the right questions to even be asking.

Are you ready? Let us help!

Services For Your Needs

Data Science

Data and Analytics are a significant challenge for most organizations. But Data Science is not just about doing some math, it is mostly about getting the right data, in the right place, knowing what to do with it, and then making these results available for you.

UX - Product Science

Partnered with Gigstartup Reactor we are developing Data Science tools to help guide good product design. The UX movement around product design is leveraging analytics to help understand the interactions, and we are taking it a step further to bring in full AI to help guide even the teams building and developing the product.

Platform & DevOps

Our team is experienced building on all levels, from mega-scale complexes, top-secret centers, and a variety of complexes including Docker and Kubernetes automation with full Continuous Delivery and meeting regulatory requirements with data governance.


Do you need compliance, but don't know how to get there? We have a library of processes and tools which have been used with successful startups to run modern DevOps CI/CD processes and still meet compliance, such as PCI, SOC, ISO9660, GDPR, and more. Ask us about our boilerplate process to help get your team to the next level.